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In this section we'll feature some of the amazing people involved with The Amazing People Project.  We have 25 committed founding members who will be profiled here in the coming weeks.

Emma Hogan - A word from the Founder of The Amazing People Project

Wow - what a few months it has been since launching The Amazing People Project.  I am so excited to have this off the ground, and can't wait to see what amazing things people are willing to do for themselves, whilst giving back to the community.

This whole idea came about after I completed the marathon last year.  It felt amazing crossing that finishing line!  So, what will my amazing thing be? Firstly, it will be to to find 250 people to join the cause and raise $250,000!  Then, for myself, I'm hoping to raise my own $10,000 by completing one event per month, by supporting other members with their amazing project and doing some of my own.  In May, I'm giving up alcohol for 28 days (eek!), in June I'm running the 29k Coastal Classic (my first ever trail run), in July I'm running the Gold Coast Half Marathon, in August I'll be supporting my TAPP mates by running the City2Surf, In September I'll be supporting my TAPP members who are competing in the Blackmores Running Festival.  In October, it's the big one -  I'll be walking the Inca Trail with my amazing mate Kate, and then lastly I'll be doing a singing gig in November.  Finally, for December I hope to be handing over 5 cheques for $50,000 on behalf of all the amazing people who have taken part in this project.  

I hope you'll join the cause and do something amazing for yourself whilst doing something amazing for charity.  I would be delighted to hear from any of you if you have any amazing ideas, know any amazing people who might wish to participate or simply want to give feedback on this whole project.  Have fun being amazing!

Visit Em's amazing Fundraising Page - click here

Let me introduce you to 4 amazing people...

Christian Machegiani and the Underdogs Movement

Christian founded Underdogs 10 years ago as a way to help people over-come lifes set backs through emotional and physical development (www.underdogs.tv). Most recently Christian worked with Casey Heynis (a young boy who suffered bullying at school) on an anti-bullying campagin in schools. For TAPP, Christian is taking the Underdogs crew to Cambodia to help build houses for the less-fortunate, and at the same time is planning on raising money for TAPP! It's a double amazing win!  

Visit Christian's amazing Fundraising Page - click here

Kate Lalak is facing her fears ....

Kate has decided to step outside of her comfort zone. She had a think about hosting a girls night in, running a marathon or doing the 40 hour famine (the idea of not cooking for 40 hours was horrifying...). But instead has decided to go out and do something completely unexpected. Kate considers herself a big chicken and won't so much as go on a roller-coaster so thrill seeking is her ultimate challenge.

$250 to $500 raised – Kate will take part in a circus class and learn how to be a trapeze artist. $500 to $1000 raised – Kate throws herself off a cliff to go abseiling and $1000+ raised - Kate will jump out of a plan attached to a complete stranger and go sky diving.

Visit Kate's amazing Fundraising Page - click here

The Rabbit Hole … creating a specialist Amazing Tea!

What do you get when you cross a singing teacher with a fire-fighter? An organic tea business ofcourse! Corinne and Amara, proud creators of The Rabbit Hole have created a specialist tea just for us, and all proceeds are going to TAPP – you can find out more at http://www.therabbithole.com.au/buy-tea/pure/buy-amazing-elixir/ . This is an amazing way for a small business to use their strengths to get involved for charity.

Visit the Rabbit Hole amazing Fundraising Page - click here

Tim Waggett – 11 Half Marathons in 2011

Tim has decided that before turning 50 he wanted to achieve a big physical challenge and has taken on the task of running 11 Half Marathons in 2011! To help motivate him for the last two runs of the year you can sponsor him at http://www.gofundraise.com.au/page/WaggettTim

Debra Singh - The Singh's Restaurant Rules

Deb recently shaved her head for the Leukaemia Foundation (see photo!) and raised $100,000! I was so inspired by her efforts, I asked her if she could raise just one more thousand for TAPP - she was so exhilarated by her achievement, she agreed. 

Deb will be raising her funds through turning her home into a restaurant, creating an Indian feast so sumptuous that the guests will want to delve deep into their pockets and donate to the cause.

To help Deb reach her goal - click here



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